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Representative Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Transaction Highlights


California: Sale of 700-room hotel ($25,000,000).

Nevada: Bankruptcy litigation over ground leased casino / hotel.

California: Sale of fee interest and retention management agreement hotel ($15,000,000).

New Mexico: Sale of ground leased hotel with Port of Albuquerque .

California: Sale of fee interest in hotel/resort ($5,000,000).

California and Arizona: National Park Hotel. Sale of Grand Canyon and Death Valley National Park concessions.

Real Estate and  Business Sales and Acquisitions

Oregon:  Sale of largest container nursery company in U.S. ($15,000,000).

California:  Sale of 200 acre container nursery  business.

Pennsylvania: Sale of 30+ stores (in 7 states for retail clothing company, including sale of inventory, assignment of commercial leases and trademarks ($30,000,000).

Georgia: Sale of 15-state wholesale veterinary supply distribution business, including commercial lease assignments, distributor agreements and DEA controlled substance licenses ($20,000,000).

Washington: Pacific Pearl Seafood. Sale of branded retail canned seafood business to C. Itoh Co. and sale of crab and salmon fishing fleet.

Oregon: Portland Bottling Company. Sale of plants, warehouses and retail soft drink bottling business ($6,000,000).

Georgia: Wakefield Seafood. Sale of branded retail frozen seafood business to Rich Products.

Oregon, Washington and Idaho:  Sale of potato processing company ($300,000,000).

Alaska and  Washington: Sale of seafood plants

Oregon: Purchase of processing plant, branded food product line, inventory and agriculture agreements on over 50,000 acres ($60,000,000).

Washington: Purchase of storage warehouses ($3,000,000).

Idaho: Long-term lease for cold storage facility.

Missouri: Ralston Purina Co. Purchase of processing facilities in three states ($25,000,000).

Illinois and Florida: Purchase of manufacturing plants ($25,000,000).

Texas: Purchase of $60,000,000 oil field, marine and pipe distribution businesses.

Nationwide: Union Pacific Railroad. Negotiation of $100,000,000 private rail transportation agreement.

Navajo Indian Reservation: Negotiation for construction and operation of food processing joint venture with Navajo Indian Nation.

Nationwide: Private Rail Fleet Agreement. Negotiation of 100-car private rail fleet lease agreement ($50,000,000).

Napa, CA, Clover Island, WA, Mammoth Mountain, CA , Kanapali Beach, HA, Poipu Beach, HA, Roche Harbor, WA: Planning, acquisition, sale and/or financing of destination resort, residential condominiums and marina developments.

Nationwide: Negotiation and document preparation for the sale of a co-tenancy interest as part of a § 1031 tax-free exchange.

 Multifamily Real Estate Transactions

Washington: Purchase of 200 unit apartment complex

Washington: Purchase of 176 unit apartment

Oregon: Purchase and lease back of assisted living facility

Washington: Sale of 130 unit apartment

Oregon: Purchase of 376 unit apartment

Washington: Sale of condominium development

Washington and Oregon: Development and sale of assisted living facilities


Hawaii: Liberty House Stores. Refinancing of chain of department stores ($70,000,000).

Nationwide: Fred Harvey Hotels & Resorts. Refinance national park concessions ($125,000,000).


France: License and eventual termination of patent and trade secret.

India: Formation of foreign subsidiary and negotiation of food processing joint venture in India.

India: Transactions involving joint venture in construction industry.

Mexico: Formation of Mexican subsidiaries of American corporation for manufacture and distribution of products in Mexico; and negotiation of real estate purchase.

United Kingdom: Joint venture partner buy out of manufacturing and distribution.

Mexico: Purchase of manufacturing plant and manufacturing agreements.

Romania: Purchase of equipment.

Ukraine: Transactions involving steel plants.

Channel Islands: Transaction involving domestication of foreign corporation.

Hong Kong: Establishment of foreign university in Hong Kong.

Singapore: Sale of equipment to Singapore government.

Korea: Sale of equipment to South Korean government


Energy Project Transaction Highlights

Bakersfield, CA: Coal fired power plant joint venture partner with Bechtel Corp. and Pyro Power Co.

Soledad, CA: Urban wood waste powered plant joint venture.

Long Island, NY: Gas fired 100MW co-generation plant development joint venture.

Crockett, CA: C & H Sugar co-generation power plant development.

Chatteau Gay, NY: Partnership to develop wood and industrial waste fired cogeneration plant.

Stoneybrook, NY: State University of New York . Development of gas-fired steam and electric co-generation plant.

San Diego, CA: Sale of cooling water plant and distribution system.

Hanes, AL: Partnership in wood waste fired co-generation plant.

White City, OR: Represent operator of wood waste fired cogeneration plant.

Molokai, HA: Construction and operation of partnership-owned biowaste fired co-generation plant.

Turners Falls, MA: Partner in 20+MW co-generation plant.

Houston, TX : Joint venture to build and operate utilities.

Camas, WA: Negotiated a contract for co-generation plant.

            Western United States: Representation of food companies.in numerous
            electric power purchase, fuel and engineering/construction projects .   

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